High-Tech Promotional Items

So you want something a little better... a little more attention grabbing... something that will knock their socks off. Our high-tech promotional items will definitely raise the eyebrows of the lucky recipients. Custom imprinted MP3 players, MP4 digital video players, portable DVD players, and more. These promotional products aren't for the faint hearted. They are cutting edge promotions that will earn the attention of the hardest clients or show your employees you appreciate them.


Want the hottest in high-tech promotional items? Then get a custom imprinted Apple iPod! Your choice of the iPod Video Touch, the iPod Video Classic, iPod Video Nano and the iPod Shuffle.

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The Coolest High-tech Promotional Gadgets

Custom MP3 Players

Custom Logo MP3 Players

Let your customers carry their tunes with them along with your business logo!
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Custom MP4 Players

Custom Logo MP4 Players

Digital MP4 video is here to stay, so take advantage of the technology and put your logo on a custom MP4 player.
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Custom USB Flash Drives

Custom imprinted USB Flash Drives

Work desktop, laptop, home desktop... If you're like us, we are constantly transporting files to-and-from the office and client locations. USB flash drives make file transport simple.
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Custom USB Accessories

Custom USB Computer Mouse

Put your logo on the most visible promotional product ever - a computer mouse! Always within hands reach, this is a sure-fire way to promote your company or event.
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Custom USB Accessories

USB Travel Kits

These travel kits contain everything a business traveler could need to make their USB peripherals work. Items can include a USB mini mouse, USB mini hub, multiple styles of retractable USB cables, RJ11 and RJ45 converters, and much more.
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Custom Digital Photo Frames

Logo Digital Photo Frames

Not only will their favorite pictures display in the frame, your logo and marketing message will be visible as well. A GREAT high-tech promotional idea.
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More high-tech promotional ideas can be found at the two premier online sources for custom logo technology products. Visit Branders.com for a complete lineup of promotional items of every kind, and MemorySuppliers.com for cutting edge advertising ideas like custom Apple iPods, USB flash drives of every kind, custom USB hubs and readers, custom logo computer accessories and much more.