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Website Design Articles

How to Choose the Best Shopping Cart Software

Finding the best shopping cart software for your online store is a critical choice that needs to be given careful consideration. From hosted solutions to standalone installations, use our shopping cart guide to help you choose.

Ultimate DHTML Menus and JavaScript Navigation for your Website

Building effective website navigation can be difficult and time consuming. AllWebMenus Pro from Likno Software makes creating static or dynamic DHTML menus a snap!

Interspire Shopping Cart Review

The release of the newest version of Interspire Shopping Cart is a welcome addition to the ecommerce field. Find out how it ranks as a shopping cart from our Interspire Shopping Cart Review.

WebAssist Super Suite Review

The Super Suite series of extensions from WebAssist is a comprehensive set of Dreamweaver extensions for building dynamic websites easily in PHP, ASP or ColdFusion. Bundle includes DataAssist, Security Assist, CSS Sculptor, iRite WYSIWYG editor and more.

WebAssist Makes Web Design Easier

If you're a website developer who codes any kind of database function into your sites, WebAssist extensions for Dreamweaver can save a ton of time and let you focus on less repetitive tasks.

Top Firefox Addons for Website Design and Development

If you're a web designer looking to save some time, check out these top 10 must-have Firefox addons. No developer toolbox should be without them!

Converting a HTML Template to a WordPress Theme

If you've ever wanted to create a custom theme or template for your WordPress blog, here are some tips and links to other sites that can give you a running start.

Use Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to Maximize the Performance of Your Small Business Website

Use CSS in the design of your small business website and increase the ability of search engines to spider your website, reduce your small business website page load time, make your site more user-friendly, and easily edit the appearance of your web site

Create Dynamic Database Driven CSS Navigation Menus with Dreamweaver, PHP and MySQL

Create dynamic menus using CSS, PHP and MySQL to make sitewide navigation changes simple and fast

Move your Website to a New Hosting Server in Six Easy Steps

There may come a time when your current website host isn't meeting your expectations. Follow these easy steps to make moving your website to a new hosting server as painless as possible.

A beginner's guide to Google Analytics - Why you should have it on your website

If you're not using Google Analytics to track your website statictics, a wealth of information is slipping through your fingers.

How to build a Home Business or Small Business Website to get Search Engine Traffic

If you're thinking about designing your own home business or small business website, don't fire up the HTML editor until you've read these website design tips.

10 Mistakes to Avoid with your Small Business Website

If your small business website contains any of these common design mistakes, it might be time to hire a new website designer

Tips for Designing Search Engine Friendly Websites

Design your small business website with user-focused content and search engine-friendly structure and you'll increase your website traffic.

Website Optimization Articles

Top 10 Website Optimization Factors Impacting Organic Search Engine Traffic

Utilize these top ten website optimization factors to maximize your website rank in the search engines

Search Engine Optimization Scams and Fraudulent Guarantees of #1 Rankings

Promised high search engine rankings? Here's what to know before handing over the money for website search engine optimization.

Search Engine Optimization - What is it and why do you need it?

With all the talk about the importance of optimizing your small business website, what does it all mean?

You might be wasting money on your current website

Having a website that is designed and optimized for search engines can mean the difference between a profit generator and a money pit.

Small Business Advertising Articles

Selling Insurance on the Internet - Can a Small Insurance Agency Website Compete?

Small insurance agency websites hold the advantage when it comes to targeted insurance sales online. Here's how we can help your agency sell insurance on the internet.

Five Ways to get Free Advertising for your Small Business Website

Free advertising is the always the best kind. Here are five ways to get more traffic to your small business website.

Small Business Marketing Articles

Interspire Email Marketer Review

Email marketing has incredible benefits over traditional marketing such as increased speed, more flexibility and reduced cost. Interspire Email Marketer allows you to offer email marketing as a service to your web design or hosting clients.

Position Your Insurance Agency Website to Sell Insurance on the Internet

Was your insurance agency website last updated during the Clinton administration? Is your idea of a dynamic website one that has flashing text? When someone asks what your agency website address is, are you embarrassed to tell them? If you answered 'yes'

Get more Website Traffic Using What you Already Know

Providing quality website content can be easier than you think. Use what you already know to become an authority on your product or service.

Use Target Marketing in your Small Business to Increase Sales and Profits

By defining your target market and spending your advertising and marketing dollars on a targeted group of customers, your small business will be more successful with less work.

Logo Design Articles

A Professional Logo is Essential for Successful Small Business Branding

If you took the cheap route with your business logo, you might be costing yourself more than you saved. Successful business branding starts with a professional logo.

Promotional Advertising Articles

Cutting Edge Promotion with Custom USB Drives, MP3 Players and High-Tech Promotional Items

Use high-tech promotional items for your next tradeshow giveaway or client promotion and watch your return on investment skyrocket!

Affordably Market Your Small Business with Promotional Products

With over 800,000 promotional items to market your business with, here's some tips on how to select the right one.

Seven Tips for Effective Tradeshow Giveaways

Tradeshows can be one of the best places to promote your business, product or service. Here's some tips for getting the most out of your promotion.



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