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Ultimate DHTML Menus and JavaScript Navigation for your Website

Building effective website navigation can be difficult and time consuming. AllWebMenus Pro from Likno Software makes creating static or dynamic DHTML menus a snap!

Structured website navigation is one of the cornerstones of an effective website design. If your navigation is cluttered, obtrusive or ill-conceived, you may be losing more visitors than you keep. AllWebMenus Pro from Likno Software is a DHTML and javascript menu builder that creates eye-catching cross-browser navigation menus through a clever, easy-to-use interface. The best part is, no knowledge of DHTML or javascript is required!

Cross-Browser Compatibility Included

The strength of AllWebMenus Pro lies in the code generated by the DHTML menu creator. It generates separate javascript files for different browsers, so you don't have to worry about browser incompatibility with your website navigation menu. Suported browsers include Internet Explorer 4+, Opera 6+, Firefox 0.1+, Netscape 6+, Mozilla 1+, Konqueror 2+ and all Mac-based browsers including Safari.

Built-in Search Engine Optimization

AllWebMenus Pro Drop Down MenusAllWebMenus Pro includes built-in search engine optimization (SEO) that is commonly left out of other DHTML menu software. Not only does the software create a complete navigation sitemap for search engine crawlers, but it also prevents "code bloat" that is common with CSS menu implementations.  By calling the menu from a javascript file, the navigation code does not have to be repeatedly loaded and displayed with every page. Not only do your pages load faster, but your important keywords are not "diluted" by the unneccessary navigation code on your page.

Dynamic DHTML Menus Handled with Ease

If you've ever tried to implement dynamic DHTML menu navigation, you know it can be frustrating to get your menus to pull dynamic data from a database and render it correctly in the menu. AllWebMenus Pro includes a server-side menus API that is compatible with PHP, JSP, ColdFusion, ASP and ASP.NET. Dynamic DHTML menus can be database-drived or programmatically generated based on your conditions r parameters.

Integrate into your Web Design Program of Choice

Likno Software offers free addins for Frontpage, NetObjects Fusion and free Dreamweaver extensions to enable seamless integration of your menus into your pages. If you use a text editor to create your web code, AllWebMenus Pro can integrate into software as simple as a text editor as well!

Added Features of AllWebMenus Pro

  • Include custom HTML, search boxes and even Flash objects in your DHTML menus
  • Display DHTML menus horizontally or vertically in multiple rows or columns
  • Add floating images to your menu items for ultimate creativity
  • Use pre-designed menu themes from Likno's Theme Gallery
  • Dozens of languages supported, even right to left reading!
  • Use multiple menus on the same page
  • Create separate borders on any side, groups or items
  • Use static or animated images for both menu backgrounds and content
  • Drop-down menus, sliding menus, fly-out menus and more
  • Menu effects include Blinds, Iris Star, Pixelate, Radial Wipe, Random Bars, Random Dissolve and many more...

AllWebMenus Pro is the ultimate DHTML menu software for creating static or dynamic database-driven javascript menus. For browsers with javascript disabled, menus degrade gracefully so your users can still easily navigate your site. For more information on Linko Software's AllWebMenus Pro, visit their website.