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Interspire Email Marketer Review

Email marketing has incredible benefits over traditional marketing such as increased speed, more flexibility and reduced cost. Interspire Email Marketer allows you to offer email marketing as a service to your web design or hosting clients.

Interspire Email Marketer is the email marketing and autoresponder software package from Interspire, a Sydney, Australia software development company. It is their most popular piece of software and allows web designers, ISP's, and marketing agencies to offer complete web-based email marketing solutions to their clients.

Email Marketer provides all the tools needed to allow your clients to implement an email marketing campaign and build customer loyalty through email promotion. The strength of Email Marketer lies in its extensive feature list. Here's a quick rundown:

  • Allows for private labeling to customize for your business
  • Includes professionally designed email templates that work with all email clients
  • Complete campaign and link tracking reports
  • Fully unencrypted PHP source code so you can customize if needed
  • Easy web browser-based installation
  • The ability to send hundreds of thousands of emails at the click of a button
  • Unlimited autoreponders
  • Automatic email bounce handling
  • Simple integration into your existing website
  • Full feature list can be found at Interspire's website

Interspire Email Marketer, from a client perspective, gives the average website owner the ability to implement an extensive email marketing campaign with very little time investment. Setting up a custom email campaign is extremely simple, and clients can literally be cranking out emails to their customers in a matter of minutes. The included email templates are easily customized with your client's text and images, and if they can use Microsoft Word, they can create their own custom template.

Email campaigns of any size are no problem

Email Marketer can handle any size of email marketing campaign, so as a email marketing service provider, you don't have to worry about the network grinding to a halt. Performance numbers from the Interspire website are very impressive. Email Marketer sent 1,000 email messages in 56 seconds, 10,000 emails in 580 seconds, and a whopping 100,000 emails in about 18 minutes! Obviously there are quite a few variables that can influence your own results, but their testing server was an average configuration, so if you have a higher end server, you may actually see higher performance numbers.

No monthly fees or per email charges

The biggest advantage of using Interspire Email Marketer is there are no monthly fees! Once you pay for the software, you don't pay another dime except to add additional user licenses to the package. There are no "per email" fees or hidden charges, your clients can email as much as they want and not worry about receiving a huge monthly statement. The cost structure of Email Marketer allows web designers and agencies to add a large profit center and offer email marketing as a value-added feature to existing clients, without having to worry about overhead and email overruns.

More subscriber list security

Another big advantage of Interspire Email Marketer is your client data is stored on YOUR server. The software installs on the server of your choice, and the data is stored locally. Customers can have the peace of mind knowing their email subscription lists are secure with your hosting provider.

Pricing to fit your email marketing needs

An Email Marketer review wouldn't be complete without detailing the cost of the software. Interspire offers several pricing structures depending on how many users you need to license. The base package includes 1 user with a pricetag of $495 up to 10 user logins for $995. Each user has their own separate email campaigns, autoresponders, templates, permissions, custom fields and settings. You can upgrade to more users at any time. Professional installation is available for just $49.

Interspire Email Marketer review wrapup

Our opinion of Email Marketer is very positive, as it allows any website designer, ISP or agency the ability to offer a vastly popular service to their clients.  When compared with other options your clients may have such as Constant Contact, GetResponse or VerticalResponse, performing your own in-house email marketing can be extremely profitable.  If you're a website designer, service provider, or marketing agency looking for a professional email marketing and autoreponder software package, look no further than Interspire Email Marketer.