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Interspire Shopping Cart Review

The release of the newest version of Interspire Shopping Cart is a welcome addition to the ecommerce field. Find out how it ranks as a shopping cart from our Interspire Shopping Cart Review.

Interspire Shopping Cart touts itself as being the most feature-packed easy-to-use shopping cart around. Formerly known as Interspire StoreSuite, the software package includes everything you'll need to create, run, market and profit from your online ecommerce venture. Interspire is well known for development of products such as Email Marketer, Knowledge Manager and WebEdit, but the new version of their shopping cart promises to be a complete ecommerce solution right out of the box. Here's a breakdown of the features included in Interspire Shopping Cart:

  • Store Design Templates
  • Drag and Drop Design Mode
  • Simple Shipping and Payment Gateway Integration
  • Multiple built-in inventory tracking options
  • The ability to sell physical or digital products
  • Fast page loads due to extensive AJAX programming
  • Variations of products each with unique pricing, stock, images, etc.
  • Integration of SendStudio and Knowledge Manager for email marketing and FAQs

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Included Store Templates

Interspire Shopping Cart comes with dozens of professionally designed XHTML compliant themes. Simply upload your store logo and you're ready to sell online. Interspire actually includes a built in logo editor, so you can design a logo right within the application. The software also includes a built-in design downloader to facilitate easy downloads of new designs from the Interspire servers. Those are both excellent features for simplifying the store setup process.

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Drag and Drop Design Mode

The drag and drop design feature of Shopping Cart is an incredible tool for designing your store layout. Simply by moving features around the page with your mouse, you can rearrange your store layout to suit your needs. It's just as simple to edit any of the text on the page. There's no need to have knowledge of HTML or any scripting language to create the store you want. Advanced users have the ability to edit the HTML and CSS files through the browser-based HTML editor. Your files stay on the server, so there's no need to continually upload and download files as you edit.

Simple Shipping and Payment Gateway Integration

Interspire Shopping Cart includes a vast selection of shipping and payment options. Shipping providers that can be integrated with for live online quotes include Austrailia Post, Canada Post, FedEx, Intershipping, UPS and USPS. Shopping Cart gives you the ability to control where you ship to, or more importantly where you DON'T ship to. Flexible shipping charges can include free shipping for orders exceeding a specified amount or even a separate handling fee.

Payment gateway providers include 2Checkout,, eWay, PayMate, PayPal, Protx and WorldPay. Offline payments options can include bank deposit, COD, cheque, credit card (manual), money order and in-store payment.

Built-In Inventory Tracking

What good would a shopping cart system be if you couldn't track your inventory? Interspire Shopping Cart will actually tell you when you need to order more stock. Inventory options include tracking by product, product variation or even disabling tracking for any product. The inventory meter gives you a visual representation of your stock and will recommend a new order when inventory dips below a preset level.

Physical Goods or Digital Downloads

With the increased popularity in instant downloads, Interspire Shopping Cart lets you take advantage of this trend automatically. Digital products can be controlled just like physical goods, with restrictions placed on how many times a customer can download the product or a set expiration date.

Integration with Interspire Email Marketer and Knowledge Manager

The integration of Interspire Email Marketer and Knowledge Manager is the icing on the cake. Email Marketer is an incredible piece of software by itself that allows for advanced newsletter subscription management (see our review) By allowing your site visitors to subscribe to product specific mailing lists, you can not only keep in touch with you customers, but you can turn them into repeat customers and increase your profit potential. Knowledge Manager gives you the tools to incorporate an extensive Frequently Asked Questions section into your site to presell customers on your product. This will result in less time answering emails and phone calls regarding product questions.

Interspire Shopping Cart Review Conclusion

There are many features that weren't covered in this brief review of Interspire Shopping Cart. From our experience with this ecommerce software package, it is designed for even the most novice of online store managers. The ability to create an online store without having any knowledge of HTML is almost unheard of, and the added features of the digital download capability, the ability to integrate with SendStudio and KnowledgeManager, and the almost "hands-off" inventory management tools make Interspire Shopping Cart a highly recommended e-commerce shopping cart. There are other online store systems that may be less expensive or more full featured, but the balance of price to value of Interspire Shopping Cart makes it a winner in our book!

Interspire offers several options and packages for purchasing Shopping Cart. The Starter Edition is a great way to get your small store live on the internet, and as you grow you can move up to the Professional package or Ultimate package depending on your product requirements. Interspire even allows you to spread your payments out over time if you wish, so the affordability of the software is really a non-issue.

For more information on Interspire Shopping Cart and to try a live demo, visit the Interspire website.