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WebAssist Super Suite Review

The Super Suite series of extensions from WebAssist is a comprehensive set of Dreamweaver extensions for building dynamic websites easily in PHP, ASP or ColdFusion. Bundle includes DataAssist, Security Assist, CSS Sculptor, iRite WYSIWYG editor and more.

If Adobe Dreamweaver is your choice of website development software, you know how powerful the application can be.  However, designing robust dynamic database-driven websites can be a frustrating excursion into the unkown.  The Super Suite extensions from WebAssist make this task much easier, and almost enjoyable, with it's wizard interface and simple implementation.  There isn't much you CAN'T do with these extension. 

WebAssist Super Suite Does it All 

The WebAssist Super Suite Dreamweaver extension bundle consist of the following WebAssist extensions (each link can be followed for more information about each product):

  • eCart - a full featured ecommerce shopping cart
  • Digital File Pro - for mastering file upload and download
  • Site Import - for importing complete websites including CSS and images
  • DataAssist - for complete database administration
  • SecurityAssist - for user management, login, cookies and sessions
  • Eric Meyer's CSS Sculptor - for fast, easy CSS layouts
  • Universal Email - for processing form email on your website
  • Dynamic Dropdowns - for dynamic dropdown menu creation
  • Dynamic Flash Charts - for easy implementation of Flash charts
  • Cookies Toolkit - add server-side cookies with one click
  • Pro Maps for Google - dynamic or static Google maps API integration
  • Validation Toolkit - for validating any type of form information
  • iRite - for integrating WYSIWYG text editors into websites

Website Design, Development, and Ecommerce Made Easy

The Super Suite extensions make then entire process of designing and building a professional website more streamlined and efficient.  Start with CSS Sculptor to create your valid CSS layout, whether you want a 2-column, 3-column, fixed width, expandable, or with or without header or footer.  Then take it a step further by integrating a database with your choice of PHP, ASP or ColdFusion scripting languages.  The Super Suite bundle handles each equally well. 

Once your database is created, you can use DataAssist to create the entire data management portion of your website.  It automatically creates pages for adding, updating, deleting, searching and summarizing all your database records.  If you use Dreamweaver templates, the wizard automatically utilizes the template and creates pages that are identical to the rest of your site.  All feature of the pages can be customized via the CSS stylesheets, so you can tweak the appearance as much or as little as you desire. 

For websites that need user administration, Super Suite's SecurityAssist extension creates all the pages and functions needed to enable user registration, login, random password generation, page protection and much more.  With a handful of wizard screens, you can have a complete community-driven website with user access rights. 

If digital files are your thing, Super Suite's Digital File Pro extension can handle all your file upload and download needs.  Combined with a user-management section, Digital File Pro can enable you to profit from digital downloads, whether it be photos, ebooks or any other media which can be digitally encoded. 

Super Suite is Hands Down my Best Dreamweaver Tool

Since I design and develop dynamic websites, I need the tools to make the process fast and profitable.  I don't want to have to recode the same website functions repeatedly with each new site, so I rely on Super Suite to do the task for me.  WebAssist support is excellent with very personal service and an incredible forum community that you can bounce anything off of.  I find myself using some portion of the Super Suite extensions on a daily basis, and it has recouped the cost many times over both by saving time and allowing me to take on more robust website projects.  I highly recommend checking out the  Super Suite Dreamweaver extensions or any individual extension that you may find a use for.  It will be the best money you spend on extending Adobe Dreamweaver!