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Cutting Edge Promotion with Custom USB Drives, MP3 Players and High-Tech Promotional Items

Use high-tech promotional items for your next tradeshow giveaway or client promotion and watch your return on investment skyrocket!

Everyone likes getting something for free.  And if that something happens to be a cutting-edge high-tech promotional item such as a custom USB flash drive, MP3 player, USB port hub, WiFi finder or Bluetooth headset, the recipient is more likely to use the product and remain your customer down the road.

Promotional products and advertising specialties run the gamut of usefulness and rememberance. Items such as custom pens and notepads are popular items because they are inexpensive, they are handy, and they have a good visibility factor. But how many pens and notepads can people really use? And do they promote customer retention or foster an appreciation for the promotional giveaway? Unless the pen is a Montblanc, Visconti, Waterford or similar high-end brand, chances are it gets thrown in the desk and forgotten. For your next marketing promotion, try one of the following high-tech promotional ideas and watch your customer's response when they get a freebie that will actually be used!

Custom USB Flash Drives and Flash Pen Drives

As memory prices have fallen dramatically in recent years, giveaways such as USB flash drives and flash pen drives are very affordable as a business marketing idea.  Prices for custom USB drives go up as memory increases, but 256MB and 512MB USB flash drives can be purchased for well under $20. Custom USB drives can have as little as 64MB of memory up to a whopping 32GB on some models.  Even the lower capacity custom USB drives can hold massive amounts of data, so don't be discouraged if your budget can't afford the multi-gigabyte models.

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Microsoft's newest operating system, Windows Vista, includes a unique feature that allows you to increase your system performance through the use of a technology called ReadyBoost.  ReadyBoost allows you to plug in a high-performance USB flash drive and Vista can use the memory on the drive for a system cache to improve performance.  Yet another great use for a custom USB drive!

Custom MP3 Players and MP4 Players

As with USB drives, the low prices of flash memory and hard drives have increased the popularity of custom MP3 players and media players as a promotional item.  These items are available in a wide variety of styles and play the popular MP3, WMA and WAV file types.  Many custom MP3 players are small enough to fit on a keychain and some include options such as a built-in voice recorder, FM tuner and can be used as a portable hard drive. 

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Media players have the ability to not only play music, but also display photos and video on their LCD screen.  Some custom media players include voice recorders, games, and expandable memory.  Your company or event logo is imprintable or laser engravable on the player and is visible whenever the player is used. 

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Custom USB Port Hubs

In the computing world, every day there are more and more USB products that people use daily. Mice, keyboards, printers, digital cameras, cell phones, USB drives, external hard drives, web cameras, etc are all now being made with USB connections. Most computers only have one or two ports on the front of the computer and maybe one or two more ports on the back. With the increasing number of USB devices it is important to have a USB hub so computer users can use all their devices any time they want.

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USB hubs are perfect for anyone with a computer. Once a user plugs in all their devices, the USB hub will generally end up in a location on the users desk that is in plain sight thus creating maximum exposure every day. Also, mobile users will find the USB hubs just as handy making the USB Hub a device they won't leave home without.

Custom Bluetooth Headsets

Bluetooth headsets allow for wireless, handsfree communication with your cellular phone.  As more and more states require handsfree devices when using cell phones while driving, Bluetooth will become more popular.  We've all seen people using Bluetooth headsets, so what better way to display your company's logo than on a mobile billboard!

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Wi-Fi Finders

The Wi-Fi Finder is a handy little device that is small enough to be carried on your key chain or in your pocket. The Wi-Fi finder identifies the strongest signal without having to power up your laptop in public. 

Wi-Fi finders are a great tool for anyone that uses a laptop. Most times users will carry the Wi-Fi finder around with them everywhere they go - in their pockets, on their key chains, in their brief cases, thus making the Wi-Fi finder the perfect promotional gift product.

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High-tech promotional items such as custom USB drives, pen drives, MP3 players, USB hubs, Bluetooth headsets and Wi-Fi finders are a great way to demonstrate your commitment to your clients.  Not only does your customer or tradeshow visitor get an enormously useful gift, but your company logo and information is prominently displayed wherever the user goes.  The next time you are searching for a promotional item that will get people talking, give something on the cutting-edge of promotional advertising!