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Get more Website Traffic Using What you Already Know

Providing quality website content can be easier than you think. Use what you already know to become an authority on your product or service.

When it comes to advertising and marketing on the internet, your website needs to provide something for each visitor.  Whether this is a special offer for a product the visitor is searching for, or information related to the users search query, your website will gain not only quality traffic, but also a reputation as an authoritative source. 

Publishing Articles as a Website Marketing Strategy

Provide relevant information and they will come.  "They" is obviously visitors to your website.  We've talked in other articles about providing unique and fresh content on your website in order to facilitate a positive user experience.  By writing articles on the topics that you know, you can easily find yourself considered an expert at that topic.  

Not only will your website benefit based on that content, but you will more than likely start getting requests to republish your articles on other websites.  By providing expert information on your topic, other related sites will give you inbound links to your website.  This boosts your traffic and also passes relevant page rank from the linking site.  As we've discussed in other articles on search engine optimization, inbound links from quality sites related to your website content will boost your search ranking more than links from unrelated sites.   

Determine your Website Purpose before Directing Visitors Elsewhere

The above information pertains inbound linking strategies.  If your website sells your product or service, the last thing you want to do is send the reader off to another related website.  Your goal should be to keep them immersed in your site long enough to satisfy their information thirst or make a sale.   

However, if the goal of your web site is to attract traffic to your site for the purpose of sending them to other sites for affiliate marketing or AdSense revenues, then by all means, use articles to attract the visitor and redirect them to another relevant site.  For example, by including not only your articles but also articles written by third parties, you can include one or two AdSense advertisement blocks along with a newsletter sign-up, your own advertisements or relevant affiliate links.  As long as you keep the user a top priority and don't flood them with irrelevant links and ads, they may find the information useful and click through.

Keep a User-centered Focus and your Website will Prosper

We can't emphasize this approach enough.  There are so many ways to marketing your website, that it's easy to get caught up in marketing techniques that dilute your websites message and confuse and possibly alienate your visitors.  If you keep in mind that the sole purpose of your website is to educate your visitor and provide the information they are looking for, then you will gain the respect of visitors and encourage repeat visits.  You've seen the sites that overwhelm you with advertisements and banner ads and make it very difficult to find the information that brought you to the site in the first place.  Obviously the purpose of those sites is to generate click-through income from AdSense marketing and affiliate links.  Keep your website easy to find, easy to search, and give your visitors what they are looking for. 

If you would like more information on how marketing your website with articles can benefit your small business, please contact us.