Small Business Advertising Articles

Five Ways to get Free Advertising for your Small Business Website

Free advertising is the always the best kind. Here are five ways to get more traffic to your small business website.

Submit Testimonials

If you purchased a product or service from a website and were pleased with it, submit a testimonial to the website operator.  Site operators are always looking for testimonials to place on their site, and if you include your permission to post your website URL, you can garner traffic from their site.

Sign Guestbooks

Many blogs and websites have guestbooks you can sign.  Post your comments relating to a previous post or just comment on the website design.  Include your website URL address in the guestbook post so other visitors can access your website from the guestbook or blog.

Creat Articles for Ezines

Everyone is an expert at something, whether it is collectible antiques, household renovation, classic cars, you name it.  If you have a hobby that you can write about, you have a great way to advertising your website by submitting short articles to ezines (online magazines).  Ezine editors are looking for quality content for their sites, and many times that content is published on multiple websites, giving your website inlinks from many other sites.  Simply Google the term ezine or e-zine and visit some of the online content providers.  Look for links related to submitting articles and send in your article. 

Post in Website Forums

Forums are like little online communities where registered users of a website can comment and ask questions about the site or products and services the site sells.  If you can post your website URL in your signature file, it's a great way to get free traffic to your website.  Many websites rank contributors by the number of posts, and if you are considered a senior member of the posting community, your comments will have greater weight and influence on other posters.

Write Reviews of Products and Services

When you purchase and use a product or service, you are considered an authority on that particular topic.  Internet users are looking for information and reviews of purchases all the time.  Sites like and have extensive product review sections where you can post your opinion of your purchase.  Use your website URL address as your username and it will be seen by thousands of people searching for information on that particular product.
These are just five ways to increase the traffic to your website.  If you would like more information on how we can increase your traffic even more, contact us.