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A Professional Logo is Essential for Successful Small Business Branding

If you took the cheap route with your business logo, you might be costing yourself more than you saved. Successful business branding starts with a professional logo.

There are many factors that contribute towards the success of a business. Having an excellent product does not necessarily ensure your small business success. To build a long term name recognition with your customers, it is vital that you have a proper marketing strategy and something unique about your company. Here comes in the importance for having a professionally designed custom logo.

A custom logo is not branding in itself

It is absolutely important for all small businesses to realize the importance of having a custom designed logo. A professional logo design goes a long way to establish the identity and exude the attitude of the company. Now, when we say 'professional logo design", we must understand that it is not a child's play, its a specialist job and better if it is assigned to a professional logo designer. 

Logo design is an art best left to professional designers

We know its sometimes fun to design your own logo. You get to finally play with the 3-D special effect blends that come installed with Word or some other word processing program. You pay special attention to mixing bold and italics and the text-on-a-curve is especially nice. In the end you have a very common concept of having the initials of your company in some fashion or adopt a common over-used slogan claiming your product is the best or your service beats your competition. This is NOT the road to creating a memorable, professional business logo.

Your business logo is just a piece of the puzzle

If you think your logo is just that little graphic that appears at the top of your letterhead, think again.  The logo you choose to represent your small business is just that - it represents your business - it IS your business!  Your business logo is the first image customers associate with your business name.  Successful branding BEGINS with a professional logo, but it doesn't end there. Branding consists of consistant and repetitive display of your logo and slogan, so your target market begins to associate your logo with your industry. 

IBM, Nike, McDonalds, Dell... Masters of branding

Think about IBM or Nike.  When someone says "Big Blue", you think IBM.  When you hear the word "Swoosh" you think Nike.  A professionally designed custom logo can be very powerful in representing the company profile, the nature of job they do and the attitude of the company. It helps to build the identity of the company and distinguishes your service from your competitors in the industry.

Be visible, be unique, be accurate

Now obviously it takes more than just a flashy logo to get people to remember your business name and mission.  It takes repetition, visibility, a unique proposition or product, visibility (did we say that already?), and a message that resonates well with your target audience.  Taking the first step in having your logo professionally designed can keep you from having to do it later. Having to RETRAIN your customers and REBRAND your business is a very expensive ontaking, costing much more than if you had just had your logo professionally designed in the first place.  It will actually cost you more in the long run if you don't spend a little upfront and have a professional identity developed.